Never before has there been a greater need to establish trust in online identity by securing positive ID and authentication. Miri Systems, a leading-edge developer of solutions for combating payment card fraud worldwide, c ontinues to expand our capabilities by applying smart ideas and implementation expertise to evolving business and customer challenges.

We continually engage some of the sharpest minds in the history of technology to find ways to protect and secure positive identification. We're a company that goes beyond focusing on where our customers have been. We believe our true value lies in focusing on where they want to go.
Business, government and commerce are blazing paths no one could have even envisioned a decade or two ago.

As the company that enabled consumers to submit purchases at the point of sale five times faster with unprecedented protection for card number theft, Miri Systems has long been fueled by an unbridled spirit of innovation. Our desire to go farther and faster is strengthened by advisors who built their careers at the highest levels of information technology, business development, professional services, sales and marketing, and business consulting around the world.
Keep reading and find out more about the core solutions that have made Miri a highly respected name in the ever-evolving arena of worldwide ID and authorization security.